John Y. Kim
Corporate Transactions, General Business, Securities, Mergers & Acquisitions, Real Estate, and Contracts.
moc.puorgwaltnedra@mikj 8225 983 312
Hubert H. Kuo
Business Litigation, US-Taiwan/China Practice Group, Intellectual Property Litigation, Corporate and Employment Litigation.
moc.puorgwaltnedra@oukh 2879 368 949
Anthony S. King
Patent Prosecution
moc.puorgwaltnedra@gnika 2879 368 949
Alex J. Chang
Corporate Transactions, Patent Prosecution, General Business, Business Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation, Real Estate, and Contracts.
moc.puorgwaltnedra@gnahca 2879 368 949
Stephen D. Johnson
Civil Litigation
moc.puorgwaltnedra@nosnhojs 2879368949
Sara B. Wang
Civil Litigation, Business Law
moc.puorgwaltnedra@gnaws 2879368949
David Yu
Litigation, Patent, trademarks, copyright, intellectual property.
moc.puorgwaltnedra@uyd 2879-368-949
Ernest J. Kim
Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law
moc.liamg@mikjtsenre 2879-368-949
Jeffrey T. Gwynn
Complex Litigation, real estate litigation, and employment litigation.
moc.puorgwaltnedra@nnywgj 2879-368-949
Paul K. Song
Business Litigation, Employment Litigation and Insurance Coverage
moc.puorgwaltnedra@gnosp 2879368949
Stuart Kim
Corporate, Business and Mergers & Acquisitions
moc.puorgwaltnedra@miks 8225983312
Nada V. Lahoud
Real Estate Transactions, Commercial Real Estate Transactions and Hotel Acquisitions.
moc.puorgwaltnedra@duohaln 8225983312
Youngsoo Lee.
Commercial litigation, Corporate transactions and intellectual property transactions.
moc.puorgwaltnedra@eelsy 8225-983-312