Patent Law FAQs: Advice for Companies Considering Patent Protection

What advice would you give any company considering patent protection?

A patent strategy should be considered carefully for any company. In particular, start-up companies as well as companies developing new products are well advised to consider its product offerings and the real innovations it is bringing to market. A patent attorney or patent firm should be consulted and allowed to perform a due diligence review of the company's core assets/products to determine if there are potential areas of intellectual property protection. If the core assets of the company are determined protectable, patents are critical and necessary to compete in the marketplace, discourage copying and gain leverage. Patents also have a dramatic effect on the value of the technology by encouraging others to license the technology or face the consequences of patent infringement.

There are numerous Patent Law Attorneys, why choose Ardent Law?

As a business law firm, we understand the need and concern for companies and individuals to manage the ever increasing costs/expenses of running a successful business. The Patent Attorneys at Ardent specialize in drafting patent applications and obtaining patent protection in a cost effective yet timely manner. We pride ourselves on being approachable for we take the time to explain complex patent issues and procedures to our Clients. Our Patent Attorneys, including a former USPTO patent examiner, are experts in negotiating and communicating with the USPTO to ensure that the application receives efficient and proper review throughout the registration process. Whether it is responding to office actions arguing for registration or personally conducting in-person interviews with the patent examiner at the patent office, our patent Attorneys have the experience and expertise to handle all matters.

USPTO Patent Counsel for Foreign Companies

Foreign companies who seek U.S. patent protection retain the services of our Patent Attorneys to initiate and navigate the complex U.S. patent system. Because of our diversity, international relationships and expertise, we have a global reach in prosecuting and procuring patent protection on behalf of our foreign Clients. Our patent Attorneys are fluent in several foreign languages, and represent foreign companies in countries such as China, Taiwan, Korea and Vietnam.

Contact our Patent Attorneys today to schedule a free initial consultation. We service clients all across the United States and internationally.

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