Why are trademarks important?

Trademarks prevent confusion in the marketplace of similar goods/services. A trademark immediately informs the consumer that the goods or services are of a certain quality and/or standard. This goodwill gives the consumer a positive feeling about the product and doing business with the organization because he or she knows what to expect before the purchase is made.

How does one secure trademark rights?

Trademark rights arise from actual use of a name, logo or symbol in the marketplace. However, rights important to the protection and enforcement of the trademark can be obtained only through registration. The first step to register a trademark is to clear the mark for use. This process normally entails ensuring that the mark is not already being used by someone else in connection with similar goods and/or services. If the mark is already being used, another mark may have to be selected or features added to the proposed mark to help distinguish it from other uses. If the mark is not being used, one simply registers by applying to the Patent and Trademark Office.

How long does a Trademark last?

In the United States, Trademark rights are perpetual in nature as long as the owner renews the rights of the trademarks by filing certain declarations of continued use at specific time periods and pays the associated USPTO filing fees. One should consult a trademark attorney to carefully calendar these dates in order to avoid abandonment of the registered trademark. International Trademark Attorneys
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