Ardent Lawyers Successfully Defend and Settle Multiple Copyright Claims and Lawsuits

Ardent lawyers, John Kim and Hubert Kuo, successfully settled several copyright claims made against the firm's retail and wholesale apparel clients.  In these cases, Ardent was able to expeditiously resolve these claims and lawsuits made against The Wet Seal, Inc., a leading specialty retailer of fashionable and contemporary apparel and accessory items, Charlotte Russe, a mall-based chain with over 500+ stores across the United States and Puerto Rico, and their respective vendors.  

In other copyright matters, Mr. Kuo was also retained to defend
separate copyright lawsuits, one brought by a group of the world's largest
textbook publishers and the other by one of the largest tile manufacturers in
the world. In both instances, Mr. Kuo was able to obtain favorable settlement
terms in a cost effective manner.